Request Custom Inquires

The SCLD Program responds to inquiries concerning state-level cancer control legislation. Researchers, policy-makers, and other individuals seeking information about state laws addressing specific cancer control topics are encouraged to contact the SCLD Program for answers to their questions.

We provide individuals seeking general information with the appropriate SCLD information products. For inquiries that exceed the scope of the standard SCLD products, staff will perform custom-designed research. For each request, we develop database search strategies in order to procure requested information. The data are then analyzed, and custom reports are created.

Examples of custom research products the SCLD Program has provided include:

A table indicating the current status of state laws addressing smoking in selected public places

A table of all state legislation requiring third-party payers to either offer or provide coverage for bone marrow transplants for the treatment of cancer

Bill numbers for the state laws requiring physicians to inform breast cancer patients of their treatment options.

Please review existing data tables and other SCLD products before requesting a custom inquiry.

To request a custom inquiry, contact [email protected]