The long term effects of alcohol consumption

We all know that excessive alcohol consumption causes many problems at different levels like physical, emotional, family problems, etc. The long term effects of alcohol on the human body are different, depending on the volume of consumption that we make and the time spent. Therefore, the two variables, quantity and time, are keys to establish a prognosis of the possible damage to our body with alcohol intake. In this article we are going aware you about long term effects of alcohol.

Alcohol is a drug psychoactive very powerful and with a large number of side effects including tertiary, which can influence in a way more or less serious to our body. The circumstances and the amount of consumption play a definitive role in time to be able to assess the duration and severity of poisoning.

If we consume alcohol after a large meal, it is less likely to occur visible signs of intoxication than on an empty stomach. Hydration is also very important, especially to determine the duration of hangovers or periods after alcohol intake.

Excessive consumption can take the drowsiness, and unconsciousness. And already if we reach, extreme levels of consumption can lead to poisoning by alcohol and death by cardio-respiratory arrest. In addition, death can come by suffocation if vomiting, a frequent result of excessive intake clogged the windpipe and the individual is too drunk to respond. An appropriate first aid to a person unconscious and drunk response is to put her in the recovery position until it reaches the State of sobriety.

Alcohol has a double on the organism effect. Because its effects change from initial intake to the rear intake and even then. Cell membranes are permeable to alcohol. So once alcohol is in the blood, it can spread out in almost all tissues of the body with much speed.

At first, it produces sensations of relaxation and joy, it is one of the sympathetic product qualities, especially when we drink in a suitable social environment of relaxation and party, but subsequent consumption can lead to having a blurred or distorted vision and coordination problems. Alters the perception of things.

It also causes the meninges lose water and therefore appears the headache. Alcohol lowers levels of vitamin B1 and thiamine in the interior of the body. In our nervous system, alcohol causes many problems, since its toxic substance that pervades our brain.

When alcohol reaches the blood, something that often happens from 30 minutes of ingestion. There is a decrease of the sugars in your blood, which then causes a feeling of exhaustion and fatigue. This is because alcohol makes the transformation of glycogen into glucose faster and the Elimination of glucose accelerates and causes this feeling.

Most people do not give the importance that deserves to physical problems that it carries the alcohol addiction, or they think that when they appear they can quit drinking without problem, but the reality is very different.

It is true that much more alcohol and more time has been consumed, more problems will have the person and more severe they will be.

Common physical problems of alcohol abuse is liver cirrhosis or Korsakoff syndrome. These usually occur when is has been drinking many years, around 15 or 20 years. But must be borne in mind that until they emerge, the consumption of alcohol makes years which has caused problems in those organs.

Do these physical damage occur? Because on the one hand should make mention of the irritant effect that has alcohol in all parts of the body, and by others the lack of power that many addicts suffer. Most are malnourished; do not possess the necessary vitamins in your body.

Certain diseases of the nervous system. As for example disease of Wernicke, which affects the cells of the brain responsible for thought, memory or feelings are produced by the consumption of alcohol. They cause excitability, disorientation, memory and even Visual problems. The good news is that it is reversible, whereupon a diet with adequate vitamins and obviously abstinence can be solved.

Hope you like this article about the long term effects of alcohol consumption. If you have any suggestion about long term effects of alcohol do not hesitate to inform us.