Youth Access to Tobacco

The methods and scoring structures for rating youth access laws have been published in Tobacco Control.

Youth Access Article: Alciati MH, Frosh M, Green SB, et al. State laws on youth access to tobacco in the United States: Measuring their extensiveness with a new rating system. Tobacco Control 1998;7:345-52. (View Abstract )

Update to the youth access article : Chriqui JF, Frosh MM, Fues LA, el Arculli R, & Stillman F. State laws on youth access to tobacco: an update [Letter to the Editor]. Tobacco Control 2002;11:163-166.

The documents below are in MS Excel 97. The Excel version may be downloaded for research purposes. To download these files, right click on the link and click “Save As” or “Save Link As.”

Youth Access to Tobacco Codebook
Youth Access to Tobacco Individual Scores by Year (through 2006)
Youth Access to Tobacco Codebook and Individual Scores (through 2006)